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Character Development

Often overlooked, Character Development is the most important part of what we do. This is how you know what to expect from your favorite celebs. They have developed an authentic focus on what they share. This character is what you're selling.

Social Mastery

Once you've developed your character, you can start telling your story. You need to know what you are; what you're selling. Social media is about trust and transparency. Regardless of the t-shirts you've read, selling out is the goal ... as long as it's authentic.

Brand Building

Building a solid brand becomes much easier when you embrace the authenticity of your Character Development. You quickly realize your brand becomes less of a douchy buzz word and more of a real, authentic, and natural content business

People are saying things about me, and some of it's actually good!

I've never met or worked with a more dedicated person. Brad's work ethic and knowledge are beyond what should be allowed.

Crystal Eastman - Model

My experiences with Brad have shown that he's a progressive thinker and aggressively pursues the ideals he believes in. You will never "kinda" feel anything about him ... it's 100% in every aspect.

Ty Bentli - Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality

Brad is a good man! He is going to own the world.

Terry Jaymes - Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality

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Frequently Answered Questions

Who Do You Work With?

People in the entertainment industry. That includes: radio, tv, and media personalities, actors, musicians, models, and anyone who wants to have this industry pay their bills.

What Does It Cost?

You're in luck! There's a no bull pricing breakdown. Nice right? The gist is this: it's free, or a little more for me to take a look at your brand, and a little more than that for me to become a business partner. See pricing.

What Do You Do?

That really depends on what you need. I am truly a coach in braning, social media, and business for entertainers. Everyone's needs are different. Let's talk about your needs.

Are You Going To Be My Manager?

GOD no. I've been asked this a million times. It's like people don't understand when someone DOESN'T want to take advantage of them. It's easiest to put it like this: I'll evaluate and teach your manager for you.

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